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I rediscovered meditation. Just like a gym membership, I paid for a guided meditation app I wasn’t using. Great. (Finance tips coming soon!)

I had that typical moment when I started doing it again and thought… “Why did I ever stop doing it?”. I fell out of love with it. Now I realize how much I’ve missed it. The feeling of resetting your mind. Kon Mari that thing – declutter the brain.

Seriously, it’s a great counterpart to everyday life in 2020. Not just the general crazy that’s gone viral (pun!) but also the abundance of technology, input and digitalisation. (Hardcopy of this blog coming soon!)

Being in lockdown again proves how hard it is to deal with oneself. So being mindful and aware might help.

On the flip side I try to be more active and really do some workouts at home. (comparing sandbags on Amazon while writing this post in another tab) Switch off everything and just count reps. Feel the body, feel the pain. I miss going to the gym (pre-Corona, 2019 PC?) – I call my box (I do CrossFit. Surprise! 7 blogposts in and I only mentioned it once!) my on-off relationship. Sometimes I really enjoy going … 3 times a week… and then again 3 months off.

So, I’m trying to balance the mind being aware and the mind being empty. Meditate. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Workout. It’s only 2pm. Sleep again. Bored. Lockdown. Netflix. Prime. Online Shopping. Eat. Repeat.

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