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So, a few weeks have passed. My bad.

A terrorist attack, another lockdown and winter came. What a time to be alive. This post is supposed to be light-hearted so let’s keep I that way. Back to why and when I originally wanted to write this.

Winter called. And I told it to hold while I get ready. Just in time my favourite fashion season resurfaced: The Turtleneck.

Ever so fashionable and elegant. I just feel like I want to revert back in time to become a simple organism wearing turtlenecks 24/7 from November until March.

You can never go wrong, always dressed for the occasion plus it keeps you warm. Win-Win!

Have them in dark tones to hide all the sins that happen this holiday season. Have them in light hues to look fashion forward and crisp… like the white shirt for the cold season.

So why is it so hard to find any good ones that don’t cost and arm and a leg? Just because it was made from the last high-altitude goat-esque animal in the Himalayas or Andes. I am not opposed to getting one of those – I do really want one. But not in this economy … or the next.

I don’t save up to get designer wares and classic luxury pieces. I want turtlenecks. All of them.

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