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I am excited. I might have found my favourite coffee spot.

Technically it’s a flower shop and coffeehouse – the first of its kind in town. That just adds to the flair. You sip on really good coffee and sit in between flowers of paradise and banana trees.

In my mind I always wanted a satellite hangout place. The chillout out lounge away from home. The place you feel at home and cosy up and know everyone. I might have found that today.

I sound like I found El Dorado –like I finished what centuries of people failed to do. Let’s be real, I’ve been to the place once. It looks promising.

The list (in my mind) that fulfills said utopian movie-like fantasy:

Close distance to apartment – check

Cosy ambience – check

Affordable price – check

As you can see my bar isn’t set really high – it’s just there wasn’t anything close by up until recently. Or was it? And I was just too blind to see? In times of testing one should sit back with a cup of any hot beverage and contemplate. Maybe that’s the calling now.

Maybe my favourite coffee spot might have found me.

I’ll keep you updated.

If you are in dire need of a cup of coffee –

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