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Great way to start into this adventure. Take a week off. My bad.

I have a good reason. I am studying to get my driving licence. Long overdue. The other day I was asked a short question upon receiving said information: ‘City kid?’ … ‘Yes?’

Since living in a bigger town with a great public transport system I never had the urge (drive, pun intended) to get one. I had started to get a driving licence some years ago but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to quit midway – more like at the beginning.

And so, it fell off. Out of sight – out of mind. Not out of the city though. City limits – once a safe haven feel more like walls now. Freedom of public transportation turn into limited possibilities. Like reading the same book over and over again. You know there is a whole load of books out there, you can access them, it just takes you two and a half hours and two busses to get that book. That sucks.

So, I thought I use the excess free time I have due to this pandemic and rekindle that fire. And I do feel more confident the second time around. Wiser and older. Knowing myself better and kicking myself in the behind to study – with a book. I feel old. Sitting in class with kids most of them ten years younger than me. The only one with a book. Don’t get me wrong I will eventually hop over to the digital version. I’m just an old-fashioned study-out-of-a-book type. Ancient.

Yours truly, a book person.

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