Thought Of The Day


During these times I have learned a lot. Hope you did too.

Some might have learned the maximum amount of days without a shower. Some might have found the perfect recipe for banana bread. Some might have found the right angle to position the webcam to not have to wear pants on zoom.

I realized that soulcare is just as important as selfcare. Doing things that are good for you – bring you joy. (Blogpost about sparking joy coming soon!) Things that sooth your soul. Not just speaking of that face mask and tea you always planned of doing and never got time to. I meant immeasurable things.

Shopping. Not in a materialistic way. Taking care of you – gifting yourself something that is just for you. Like a nice buttoned shirt on sale that you squeezed into the budget. Might have been me.

Drinks. With friends. Not the depressing kind that you do cause your country went back into lockdown. The as-long-it’s-still-allowed-meeting-your-friend-at-a-nice-bar-she-recommended. Great place by the way.

Faces. Seeing faces other than your own in the mirror – even if it’s partly covered.

Go out. Do something for you.


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